July 27, 2023

Achieve absolute transparency and maximum security with timbera

Absolute Transparency

Experience unparalleled ease, enhanced management, and total transparency with timbera log management software - a service exclusive on a global scale. From the moment the tree is cut down, you can keep an eye on your delivery anytime, anywhere. Our reliable, sequentially numbered tags ensure tamper-proof documentation of each shipment. These details are stored in a central database that can be accessed, loaded, and verified anytime you need. Enjoy immaculate timber logistics with assured sourcing and faultless documentation, ensuring seamless organisation.

Understanding the Functioning of timbera

By integrating easily identifiable tags, a handy mobile application, and a comprehensive web-based platform, timbera serves as an optimal integrated solution for timber logistics, meeting all conceivable needs.

timbera operates on a foundation of complete transparency and traceability of your timber. Initially, each log is tagged, and its essential parameters are logged into the app. The unique log number and qr code on the tags make it possible to load all the data pertaining to a specific log onto several Android devices by Zebra.

What is the Security Level of timbera Tags?

The unique and consecutive numbering of timbera tags ensures that you can verify the current status and fullness of the shipment at any time. These tags are designed in a way that they can be detached from the log without incurring any damage. Moreover, the use of laser engraving, rather than printing for the numbers, ensures maximum security by making them completely resistant to tampering.

What are the benefits of having a central database?

timbera, with its top-tier safety standards, serves as your trustworthy ally for timber logistics. Comprehensive data about your shipment is safeguarded in a separate central database. Access to the complete history of the log is strictly confined to authorized personnel, ensuring utmost confidentiality and security.

Real time financial evaluation

By using timbera’s central database data, you can access real-time value of entire shippment or single log only. This function provides numerous advantages for businesses operating in the forestry sector. It enables users to keep an eye on the current market value of their shipped timber, which is a fundamental aspect of effective financial management and fast decision-making.